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If I hold it right side up, the vampire flees. Keep me logged in. Love you the rest of the month too. When I think of period sex, I think of it as being really messy unless its after the first 2 days of it. But the bible says that sex during Menstruation is wrong so I wouldn't be down. I'm a dominant guy who will gladly treat yo I'm honestly kinda concerned that it might be a habit I need to kick for fear of messing her up "down there.

I'm not sure; it just seemed like it would be a time when she was more vulnerable than usual.

Menstruation fetish..Ladies would you date such a guy?

I have had about 4 different GAG females tell me the "no kissing thing" with regards to my fixation with pee! Also the one person I was with had these beliefs as well so this never came up. Why do I have a sexual fetish about mind control? I masturbate during my period though and it makes me horny but then the blood kind of ruins the experience a bit. Do you like to drink period blood or you just like sex while she is on her period? Ladies would you date a man that would absolutely love you even more on your period?

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