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I mean I can understand the odd bit of clothing may get a bit tight as weight is put on. This may lead to their children seeing obese people as unhealthy. Follow 1 Mankytoes Follow 20 followers 8 badges Send a private message to Mankytoes. That last paragraph about being happy genuinely made me tear up. Yes, it does make me feel uncomfortable. This piece fails to open up the topic for rational, civil discussion and debate, and you have failed to treat it as an important space to do so, thus you have made it very easy for readers to reject everything you've said.

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So if you are kindly pointing out that fat-shamers have some sort of 'right' to abuse fat people, I will also kindly point out this right to be obnoxious and inappropriately patronising is not a 'free-kick' as such, but an invitation to have your ignorance and prejudices exposed and ridiculed.

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Fat girl in tight clothes.

Men don't generally go around in the best of states, if we're sharing our opinions here. Celebrity News Interviews Entertainment. Everything in the media was about how skinny you should be. Im sorry but the rest of the world cant change just so you dont feel uncomfortable walking around in public in revealing clothes. Nobody has the right to judge your state of health. Original post by Azurefeline When all that's ever in fashion and therefore cheap is leggings, skinny jeans and skin tight tops, are you surprised?

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fat girl tight clothes
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