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It would have made things much clearer. But this is the kind of movie where you just don't really care how believable the story is as long as you can follow it through: I did a Google search on Peskanov but didn't find anything under videos for him. She never considered me mature for playing Chopin. The wartime lesbian subplot didn't add anything to the main plot.

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It has an odd and disturbing element about innocence, and this leads further into the psychology of the inmate, but it isn't quite resolved.

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User Reviews

This is a film that keeps your interest throughout but the screenplay has lots of gaps and implausible scenarios and runs a little long but despite its flaws, the two fine acting performances by Bleibtreu and Herzsprung are certainly noteworthy and I would recommend the film and give it a 7. You never know what new experience you find in a film and there is something to find in here Some of this authority comes from a visual style and attitude. A father seeking redemption at the end of his life Also I felt that Lesbian reference came out of nowhere a bit only to make the movie maybe more interesting. The final scene where the girl triumphantly plays the piano would have been so much more efficient and touching if shot in just one long take, now the editor tries to compete with the girl's virtuous skills and again, it creates distance and makes the whole sequence feel fake and pompous. Yes, I think this movie is a statement of cultural development in relationship to physical, mental, and emotional stress, anger, hatred, cruelty, and violence.

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german mature strict piano teacher
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german mature strict piano teacher
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