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Rodents are far from cute and cuddly in this serious, often dark adventure. For more information, go to: Sometimes watching characters deal with grief can be even more painful than the death itself. Not only does Simba's dad get trampled to death by a herd of stampeding wildebeests, but Simba unfairly blames himself for the tragedy. Like Matildathis one is a Dahl adaptation. And even the first movie had some pretty scary toys in Sid's room! Technically Timothy doesn't die, but he disappears forever, causing pain for those who loved him, which can be just as hard for kids to deal with.

True, Ferris is more for teens anyway as are John Hughes ' other classic '80s teen comedies, all of which are pretty salty -- especially the R-rated Breakfast Clubbut given his long-lasting appeal, it's worth a reminder that everything from "f--k" said once to "s--t" used often pops up.

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Opinion HuffPost Personal Videos. Be ready for scenes in which kids who displease an evil principal are put in "the chokey" -- a dark closet lined with nails and broken glass. Here, the mom passed away six months before the movie begins, but the impact on her family is very much in evidence. There are lots of grim scenes in this classic Disney movie: Some parents we know just skip the first scene of this movie altogether until their kids are old enough to handle Nemo's mom's untimely demise at the jaws of a menacing predator fish.

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